The technology of software today for photographers is amazing however you must know how to use it properly for it to benefit you
— Michael Zero

Adobe Lightroom

Spend over a half day 4.5 hours training with renowned portrait artists and trainer Michael Zero. Michael is well known for his in-depth, easy to understand workshops and this Adobe Lightroom workshop is no exception. Your workshop is taught in a professional setting on a massive 100 inch screen projected in true 1080p HD resolution. Learn all the key features and workflow of the best professional photo management software on the planet by a true master photographer. 

Here are just a few of the major topics you will be learning: 

- How to properly import your images into Lightroom 
- How to 
manage your libraries and catalogs
- How to backup your images and keep them safe
- How to properly created a workflow in Lightroom
- How to 
Cull your images with quick tips for saving you time  
File Management & organization within Lightroom
- Sorting methods
- How to find images you want quickly 

- Basic Editing
- Advanced Editing
- Editing with external application like Adobe Photoshop and more

Michael has over 7000 hours of training experience teaching over 4000 people just like you in Cincinnati. Learn from one of Cincinnati's best. Give yourself an edge and invest in yourself. Standout in the highly competitive, overcrowded world of professional photography or just improve your skills to capture that perfect portrait.


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