One bright sunny day you were dreaming a bit and thought maybe I could become a pro photographer. You know the ones who travel and shoot at all those exotic locations working with all those pretty and famous people. The ones that charge lots of money and have lots of fun. Can't be that hard right? All I have to do is buy that awesome camera I saw at Cost Co, Walmart, Bestbuy (sales person said is would take great pictures) and push a button. Sounds like fun. RIght?

Well for all those who are newbies and just thinking about starting a photography business here is a link you should take a look at. I found this one day that really shows what a true pro does vs. what other think you do. Check it out... its an eye opener!

The secret life of a wedding photographer. Or any pro really...

This is something that I will be going over and over for years to come but the industry is changing and you better be ready to succeed in this super competitive world of pro photography. Its not all rainbows and sunshine. With that being said if you can navigate the pitfalls it can be a fun and rewarding career.

With that being said if your are a customer think about who your hiring and you do get what you pay for. Take 10 minutes to educate your self why hiring the lady down the street is not the best idea and in reality in not a pro but someone who just so happens to have a better camera than you do. That fact does not mean they are a photographer.