I wanted to talk about Canon and Nikon. I have been a Canon shooter for most of my professional life and I have had experience with the Canon 40D, 5D mark II and the 5D mark III. All great camera's but I am just not feeling the love like I once did with Canon!

I am a fanatic about print quality and dynamic range and I feel as if Nikon is just giving you more for your money. In short my D600 outshoots my 5D mark III as far as the quality of the RAW files are concerned. This is so apparent in the shadow detail on the D600. I would say 3 to 6 stops of pull depending on your starting ISO. There is so much info in these D600 files its amazing, really amazing! The dynamic range is amazing!

With that being said the 5D's did make me a better shooter from the simple fact as you just needed to pay more attention. Its ability to get great skin tones is key and in general I like the files it produces. They just look better... however I am seeing my new 5D mark III seem to be 1 stop to dark in most settings. Even when shooting full manuel I feel I have to shoot a stop of 2 brighter to get the look I am going for? Its just seems to meter darker than I would like and the meter in general wasn't as accurate.

So basically I shoot both Nikon and Canon and both still have advantages and disadvantages but I am starting to learn in Nikon's direction. I will have a more in-depth review of the D600 vs. 5D mark III soon.

So at this point Nikon's sensors across the line are far superior that Canon's. Even Canon's latest camera is not even as good as some of Nikon's entry level cameras? Sorry Canon your behind for now? Nikon wins easy...