With the massive presence of smart phone camera's being used out there the real question is how good are they compared to DSLR's?

The short answer is smart phone camera's are still not even close to the imaging capabilities of a DSLR. However they are easier to use so for the average person they are truly amazing. The smart phone camera is always with you and for the most part can create images just as good as a DSLR in good lighting conditions. Where things change is when the light is not as good. This is where MOST DSLR shine...

So for the average person a smart phone camera is fine for easy conditions but when things get difficult the DSLR has tons of advantages. Since most of us use cameras to take picture of people we alway need to worry about being able to stop the action. This is the number one issue with new photographers is they can't stop the action which causes blurry out of focus image. 

So the DSLR wins hands down and I could write a book about that however the smart phone has come along way and some day COULD rival a DSLR. When will that day come? I would say 5-10 years... who knows but we certainly live in exciting times.