Quality of light is the key to getting a amazing images. Its really a simple concept but often never followed. No matter if you like shooting ambient (natural light) or using flash the quality of the light that our subjects are under is key. 

I am constantly reminded of this fact when I look at intermediate and professional work. Their quality of light is often terrible and in turn make the image flat and boring. No attention to direction, horrible of camera light placement ect.

Recently I drove past a "NEW" studio of a local wedding photographer and in the window sat example images that IMO were terrible. There were so many things wrong with these images (remember the photographer thinks these are their best work!) but the recurring theme was the quality of light. I almost park my car and entered their store to hear why the work was so terrible. WHY is your work so bad I wanted to ask!

I know I sound like a jerk here but remember that this photographer is charging money to a uneducated public who has no idea of how bad this work really is. There is really no excuse for such low quality images. Why can I judge this photographer? Well no matter if you like my work or not I know I have excellent quality of light in all my images. Its what makes them stand out from the rest of our overpopulated world of social media imagery. I spent years developing technique to produce good light in all situations. This kind of work should not be welcome to anyone who truly love photography. 

I could go on and on but I just feel bad that people are paying good money for bad photography. Please if you ever need a photographer, even if its not me take the time to study the quality of light in their imagery. In the end you will get images that will last a lifetime and be proud to have hopefully hanging on your walls.