Thank you to the students who are participating in this amazing workshop. Please call us if you would like to reserve your spot for the next workshop on June 25th from 9-7. Our last two workshop sold out quickly so reserve your spot quickly.  

What a special place to have a workshop. All images are of the farm/people that were taking at this location. There are so many interesting backgrounds, textures and amazing natural light here at this private farm. Images below are captured using natural light & flash using my secrete techniques. Don't miss out on this workshop! This is an amazing value unlike anything offered in Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky areas. One of a kind location, one of a kind instruction, one of a kind models... see details below.

Example of what can be done with a studio strobe. More images below...

Example of what can be done with a studio strobe. More images below...

Sign up for this 9+ hour Outdoor Lighting Masterclass (natural & flash) on private 100 acre Farm.  This class is 199... This workshop is both a lesson and a portfolio building opportunity. 

This class includes:

  • A unique location with two massive barns one of which was built in the civil war era
  • Two outstanding models
  • How to overpower the sun with flash  and tons more!
  • Studio Strobes and all equipment key for the best learning experience
  • Professional Makeup Artist
  • Small class size with 5:1 student to model ratio

Spend a full day, over 9 hours, from early morning to sunset training with Michael Zero on the secrets of mastering lighting--ambient light, flash techniques for outdoors and much, more! 

The models are both top notch and very commercial looking. Both models are over 5'9" or taller.

Michael Zero was featured on the cover and with an eight-page spread in the August 2015 issue article of Photography Masterclass Magazine in the article "How to overpower the Sun with Flash". Michael has truly mastered this technique and you will not find many trainers who understand how to use flash outdoors at this level in Cincinnati or the surrounding areas. This is just one of the many techniques you will learn in this workshop. 

Click here to see more from the magazine and what can be accomplished with flash outdoors. 

This is a full day workshop that features all of my best tricks for both natural light and flash plus much, much more. You will not find a better class anywhere in this area at such an amazing value. Why shoot indoors on fake backgrounds when you can have the real thing? Be outside in a beautiful setting and capture images that clients want. 

Work with amazing naturally beautiful lifestyle models with wardrobes and professional makeup that fit the location. 

Our location is an amazing 100 acre farm with over 9 buildings on the property, 2 large barns one of which is 150 years old (built during the civil war). You will not find a more unique and interesting place like this in Cincinnati.  It has amazing natural light combined with manmade structures from the past as well as beautiful nature scenes. So much detail and interest combined with amazing light for any purpose. This location has it all!

The first half of the day is spent training and learning and in the second half of the day you will get to do some creative photography with both of my amazing models. Take some of the new tricks you learn throughout the day and apply them right on the spot. Workshop size is small with a student to model ratio of 5:1 so you will have plenty of time to capture amazing images. This workshop really has everything and rivals workshop that cost $1000s.

Michael Zero has been teaching and training in the Cincinnati area for many years.  He has over 7000 hours of training experience teaching over 4000 people just like you. Michael regularly teaches classes for every level of photographer-- beginners to pros. His classes include basic and advanced photography skills and techniques as well as software. 

This workshop is highly interactive and a model will be provided for student practice. The workshop is for intermediate/advanced students with no more than 10 participants. Learn how to find the best natural light. Learn to use reflectors, scrims, on camera flash, off camera flash, and the basics of strobes to begin to master outdoor portrait photography. You'll also learn about basic camera settings and principles, depth of field, composition, location scouting techniques, and basic equipment information to improve your images. 

Here is what we are providing for the workshop 

- A+ education by a seasoned trainer
- Unique, private outdoor location that is second to none
- Use of flash equipment from speed lights to powerful studio strobes & more
- Transmitter to fire flashes, soft boxes, beauty dishes & more
- Models that have a commercial look, trendy lifestyle fashions appropriate for the location  
- Release to use photos in portfolio  
- Drinks and snacks

Workshop covers these major topics and much more:

- How to use your Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, Depth of Field, and camera's metering system properly both in natural light & with flash
- How to get razor sharp focus in all of your images
- How to find the best natural light -- good light vs. bad light
- How to shoot in different lighting conditions from bright to dark
- How to get the correct exposure and white balance
- How to use a reflector, scrim, and bounced light
- How to work with a subject on posing, interacting with subjects
- How to build confidence as a photographer
- How to create images that are works of art, not just snapshots
- How to compose the correct shot
- How to use off camera lighting from speed lights to studio strobes
- How to use strobes to over power the sun
- How to use flash to fill in shadows outdoors
- How to use flash to balance subject to background  
- A ton of useful technical information from a lighting master. 

Yes, all that and more with over 9 hours of instruction! You also get a chance to work with our models and create some amazing images of your own on this beautiful property.

Here are a few quotes from our students:

"Michael Zero's all day course rivals more expensive multi day courses given by one of the area's most famous photographers. I should know as I spent over $1200 to attend here one locally. I especially love how much time I had to photograph the models and how Michael spent personal time with me and each one of the students.." Sandy Ziggler  

“A note to thank you for an absolutely excellent course. Your instruction was amazing, and of course there was a great model. I felt like my skill level more than doubled in just a few hours; thanks to your help and insight.”— Simon Higginbotham“

Michael was very down-to-earth and approached the class in a way that was easy to understand. Among other things, I got some great pointers for finding good light (not as simple as it sounds). I came away from the class with a lot of good information and ready to go practice what I’d learned. I’d definitely recommend his classes!”— Lisa Terry

“I’ve been taking photos professionally for 5 years now for my job as a product photographer, but as it turned out, there was a ton that I didn’t know about (lighting techniques, camera settings, gear, etc.). It’s easy to get into a slump with your photography, always resorting to same old tried-and-true methods. This class definitely reenergized me to spice up my shots.”— Rob Detric 

We have 100% positive feedback!

 Please call 513.376.0301 to learn more or to reserve your spot. This class will sell out!