In consideration for being allowed to participate in a workshop, training class, portfolio build, model shoot and any other photography activities of Michael Zero Photography, LLC (here in after known as MZP) and his staff and other participants, I hereby release and hold harmless MZP, any of its employees or other trainees, the property owner, lessor or vendor(s) from any liabilities and claims arising from my participation or activities in the aforementioned training or photographic activities.

I further agree that I will never prosecute or in any way aid in the prosecuting of any demand, claim or suit against MZP, and any officer, agency, or any employee acting officially or otherwise, for any loss, damage or injury to my person or my property that may occur as a result of this training and/or photography activity.

I accept full responsibility for the cost of treatment for any injury that I may sustain. I fully understand there can be unforeseen dangers that could result in injury or even death. I also understand and agree that I may be held liable for any damage or loss to others that may be caused buy my own negligence, gross negligence, willful misconduct or fraud. I also understand and agree that I may be held liable for any damage or loss to MZP property or any third party that is caused by my own negligence, gross negligence, willful misconduct or fraud.

I further acknowledge that the entire photography training session is run, staffed and supervised by personnel employed or under the control of MZP. I agree that while participating in this training session by MZP that I will make no attempt whatsoever to develop or further a business relationship outside this session with the Model(s), Owner(s), or any of the personnel employed or under the control of MZP during the course of this training and/or photography session at this location.

I acknowledge that the training and/or photography session(s) is conducted solely for the use of the trainee/participant themselves and the information may not be shared, reproduced or used to conduct similar training sessions or activities without the express written consent of MZP. MZP reserves the right to be compensated for any losses incurred by the violation of any part of this agreement. MZP reserve the right to recoup lawyer fees from the participant below if a violation has occurred to this contract.

The photographs taken during this training session may be used by the participant to promote their photography business via the web, social media, or other digital sources but may not use to sell competing training services or be sold or traded without the express written consent of MZP or the Model. The Participant further agrees not to disclose the name of the Model that appears in any photograph.

I further assert that I willing agreed to participate in the training conducted by MZP and freely signed this agreement.

This agreement shall be bound by the laws of the State of Ohio regardless where the training and/or photographic sessions are conducted

Return Policy:

A refund is available within 30 days of purchase (minus cc fee).

No refunds/rebookings once your class/workshop is booked and your seat is reserved (example: Airline Ticket). No refunds/rebookings for student no-shows, sickness, last minute cancellations, class reschedule due to weather or sickness or any other unforeseen event. etc. Your purchase is non-transferable. No refunds if the class date you wanted is sold out,

No refunds/rebookings for customers who do not except a reschedule due to their schedule. If a customer declines 2 attempts by mZP to reschedule them they forfeit their entire purchase and will not be refunded. There is a 20% rebooking fee.

Private 1 to 1 class can be rescheduled to another date and time with a 48 hours notice (could be subject to a charge)

By making a purchase you are agreeing to Michael Zero Photography terms/conditions and policies.